I brought my car in after an unfortunate hit and run. Gloria and Chris made my car look beautiful again! They even repaired the scratch on my door. They got my car back to me quickly and Gloria was so helpful when I dropped off and picked up my car. This is a great place and they do fantastic work!

W Z.
San Mateo, CA

Great job on my Porsche bumper. Chris quickly understood exactly what I wanted, gave a good price, then was flexible to my schedule. The quality and color were superb, including an addition part at the last second. All great, will go back for all body/paint needs. Thanks.

David P.
San Carlos, CA

My whole vehicle had a paint spot issue possibly from a local car wash whom would not acknowledge or help solve the problem. My car was fine until it went thru their machines. Then I met Chris and Gloria and was so happy and relieved that they could help me. Their customer service is A One, I didn’t have to do anything, they took care of everything and I mean everything from beginning to end. I will be taking my vehicle back every few months for their full service detail shop. Summit has also painted and worked on my daughters sprint car and what a beautiful car she has due to Summit.

Patty S.
San Carlos, CA

I will never take my car to see anyone else, they do the most beautiful car detailing and body work. The owners name is Chris and the shop manager is Gloria both very nice and Helpful

Debbie B.
San Mateo, CA

Chris at Summit has been taking care of my family’s cars for years and we couldn’t be happier with his work. Now, I’m insanely picky, when I have work/repairs done on my car I want everything to be perfect. It matters to me that the paint matches exactly and that when they are done you can’t tell anything was ever wrong with whatever it was they fixed, that is always the case with work done here. Summit is not a discount/quick fix shop by any means, but their prices are competitive for the quality of work provided.

Renae H.
San Mateo, CA

My mother-in-law told us about Summit. She was very happy with the customer service and the finished product of her car. We took our suburban there for a messed up bumper. Can you believe a pole jumped out in front of my car? Anyway, Chris and Gloria were great and we had our car back on the day the said it would be done. There was a bit of a difference (nothing huge, but it bugged us) in the gap between the bumper and body and they fixed it right there on the spot. Great customer service and repair and will definitely use them again.

Sherrie D.
San Carlos, CA

Summit Auto Body RULES. Our family has used these folks for years and we have always been over the moon happy with the service and quality of the work. Chris and Gloria are amazingly kind and helpful. They have gone out of their way to take care of our vechicles and have actually made dealing with somthing as stressful as a car accident a very pleasant experience. Thanks you guys. : )

L.M. W.
San Francisco, CA

Summit is fantastic. Chris and his staff are truly wonderful. very sweet and caring. I ended up getting a referral to Summit from a friend. My daughter had a little fender bender which needed to get repaired. They took great care of us. From the moment we walked into the place and dropped off the car. The place was busy so I got the see them interact with a lot of customers. they treated each person with undivided attention. I ended up having to go on vacation while the car was still in the shop and Chris said if I couldn’t get some one to pick up the car that he would drive it to my house and leave it in my parking spot. Wow! I’ve never been offered that before! It turned out that the car had another issue that needed to be handled by a regular mechanic and since I was till out of town Chris had someone drive my car to that mechanic so it could be fixed while I was gone. I was a little nervous since I didn’t know this other mechanic but they also turned out to be just as fantastic as Chris. I just got home and picked up the car and the body looks great!!!! The color is spot on the the rest of the car. You can’t even tell it had work done (well actually it’s cleaner now than it was when I dropped it off).

Michele H.
San Francisco, CA

Summit exceeded my expectations on my blue metallic ’98 BMW M3. Gloria helped with the estimate and timing. My job was non-insurance. I was looking for good work on my summer car. Chris (owner) consulted me on the process prior to the sale. Tavo let me see the car in the booth once they were in the middle of it. Tommy showed me some polishing techniques. All-in-all, Summit did a better job than I expected.

Eric G.
San Mateo, CA

What an outstanding experience; thank you, Yelpers, for telling me about Summit. I had a very small dent in my older Explorer (due to a hit and run), and Chris at Summit gave me the lowest estimate ($600), respecting my desire to go with a simple repair and paint. When my insurance company wanted to estimate the cost as $1467 and then total my truck, Chris drove to the adjuster’s to assure State Farm that he would really do the job for $600 and that the truck was in great shape. When I brought the truck in for repair of the dent, the clutch went out. Summit checked the fluids, added some and threw in a diagnosis of a leaky master cylinder. And the job on the dent was excellent.

Carolyn C.
Redwood City, CA

Excellent jobs they did for my cars and outstanding customer service. I used their business twice , they are simply the best!

Belmont, CA

Just want to say “Great Job” to everyone at Summit Automotive! We brought our car in for some repairs and we’re very happy with the work. Everything was done in a timely manner and looks great. Highly recommended

Tom C.
San Carlos, CA